Thursday, December 11, 2008

Don't you think this song is about you...

In the news yesterday was the story that 1,500 people from Yahoo were losing their jobs. I regularly read about companies reducing numbers but this story caught my attention for a different reason. Tokbox were sitting in a taco truck outside of Yahoo headquarters and handing out complimentary tacos and job applications.

I stated yesterday about my concerns regarding the activity at my company, thankfully those concerns were all laid to rest today with positive news that should keep us busy until Christmas. That said I remember similar scenarios in the past where we expected so much but got so little in return. Looking forward to next week now with anticipation!
Barcelo Lanzarote
Today was my partners birthday and I started the day with breakfast in bed and presents. The reaction to the presents was positive so I should be in the good books for a few days at least. After work I collected her and baby and we went for a meal at Nando's. I should have pre-booked as it was quite busy but it didn't take long for us to be seated. We then enjoyed a bottle of wine and waited whilst our food was prepared, the wait for food was longer than expected but the food was worth it. Baby wasn't interested until desert was presented to her and then she tucked into the yoghurt.

We are to be continuing the celebrations for her birthday this weekend although at the moment we are struggling to find a suitable venue/night club. Any suggestions drop me an email! :)

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