Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to Town

Had my daughters Christmas play yesterday morning, at first I didn't think that I would be able to attend as I had a migraine but the tablets I took sorted me out. The Christmas play was a lot different to my sons as he was in fancy dress and the layout of the Assembly Hall I felt was better at his play. The children were in great voice and my daughter who had told me at the weekend that she was looking to get her hair cut was there with her new short style smiling away. I really liked it and wanted to let her know after the performance but they rushed the children straight off to lesson unlike my sons who waited whilst parents were allowed to take photos.

Still not feeling Christmas even with just over a week to go but I think a lot of people are feeling that way this year. At least that is the impression I get speaking to my friends and reading articles online. I think it's a mixture of the economy, work and because we're finding it hard to detach and embrace the festive period. I suppose it would help if we at least had a Christmas tree in the office but that doesn't look like it will materialise this year which is disappointing! [Update 19/12 we now have a tree in the office]

This evening I arrived home to my children waiting for me and they had made me some Christmas trees which was on topic ;) Would love to be a child again as they're so innocent and full of anticipation for next week. What makes me laugh lately is that every time they visit my son arrives in his latest fancy dress outfit. Today he came as a pirate and he looked great, he was very tired though so all of us crowded around my sister as she played Playstation Home which looked really good.

It seems very much like guys in virtual worlds haven't seen many girls as they crowded around her and were trying to impressive with their dance moves. The Playstation I feel is still too expensive for what it offers but my children have shown interest a lot recently so may become a future purchase once the price drops!
Below are photos from this evening and from the pictures which child would you say was the easiest to photograph?


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