Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Net Generation

Messenger LogoImage via WikipediaMy daughter has been home from school since last week with tonsillitis, the doctor prescribed a course of antibiotics which she has completed today. We have been in regular contact as I speak to her during the day on her mobile handet. I regularly discuss technology and the net generation here and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly she is to grasp the tools that are at her disposal. Take this afternoon for instance as whilst I was on my lunch break she wanted to communicate with me through Messenger.

I created a Hotmail login and added myself as a contact and assigning the nickname Daddy. Then through dialogue with her I attempted to start a remote session via LogMeIn. Although she followed what I was telling her she may have been entering the URL into a search engine as she received a page of entries. I decided instead of taking her this route that I would get her to launch the process msnmsgr.exe from the Run command. Success! This launched the Messenger client ready for her to enter her login details.

Advances in technology appear beyond Transport for London, this evening I was again late reaching my children after work. What was more disappointing was that they hadn't eaten so instead of spending time with them I had to queue for takeaway. Leaving only minimal time to go through homework with my Son once he had eaten and adjusted. I am impressed with the progress he is making lately as from being uninterested and easily distracted he commits to the work and shows determination. Our time together was only brief so after homework was complete I had to return them home to their mother much to his disappointment!
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