Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My High School Musical

Christmas Play
The last few weeks being with my children has been like being on the set of a musical, they have been rehearsing their school plays by singing the songs constantly. I find it to be really cute as they will be playing a game and then the lyrics will start flowing and then it will slowly build until they are singing loudly. Yesterday presented the chance for me to experience my son's Christmas play and I couldn't wait to see him in action.

I collected their Grandfather and after locating a parking space we took our seats for the play. Their mother arrived and joined us shortly after and we then sat through the code of conduct from the head teacher. Once everyone had settled the performance began, my son acknowledged our seating position and was waving and I could see him informing his friends 'That's my Dad' and 'Look at my Dad's phone' as I was taking photos. My technology loving son, likely only interested in my attendance to show all of his friends the iPint (beer) application on the iPhone after the Christmas play. This appears to have become the norm whenever I visit their school lately!

The Christmas play was great fun and all the children were in great voice, I think the whole situation overwhelmed my son after the initial acceptance to us being there as he began blocking us from sight with his hands. This reminded me of last year which also saw a similar reaction! He was more professional this time and attempted to focus on keeping it together and singing the loudest! Check my Flickr photostream for photos from the play! As expected once the Christmas play had finished he was only interested in showing his friends the iPhone which made me laugh as he put on a demonstration!

After the Christmas play I took him along with my daughter to see the Doctor, this was because he had a required booster injection. Not the greatest way to celebrate his performance unfortunately but he didn't seem too fazed. My daughter has her Christmas play next week which I will also be attending and I can't wait!