Monday, December 01, 2008

Open House

Non-operationalImage by night86mare via FlickrIt appears that the development of an internal application at work has reached an advanced state whereby I will take ownership. I have been creating test scenarios to try and get a better understanding of php/html functionality and construction. Early days as I usually get to a stage where what I have built stops working and I have to get assistance.

The usual musical chairs at work mean they we have a member of customer service joining us from today. He has been working with us regularly over the last few months so it has been a natural progression and a decision I agree with as he is a strong member of the team.

Liverpool claim top spot

Followed the football action in the Premiership this evening and expected Liverpool to take advantage of Chelsea's failure to beat Arsenal. No one appeared to have told West Ham as they had other ideas and their defence held strong to earn a draw and deny Liverpool the opportunity to create some distance.

The point was enough for them to claim top but what angered amazed me is the ignorance at the final whistle where fans of Liverpool were booing the team for failing to capitalise and claim all three points. Unbelievable, what more do they expect?

Connecting people

Facebook Connect is being discussed a lot lately and there is lots of discussion about this evening about our data on the open web. As well as Facebook (Connect) there is also MySpace (Data Availability) and Google (Friend Connect), all three are are aiming to use their service as a platform to access third party sites -
But the real value goes to the social networks. These services make users begin to think about their identity in terms of their MySpace profile, or Facebook login as they use it to sign into their favorite services. That makes it even more likely the users will maintain their profiles on those services, add friends, etc.[Source]
Presently all three appear to be getting their houses in order and I feel that 2009 the developments here will be a hot topic. Can't believe that we are already counting down another year, where does the time go?!

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