Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Everybody having fun?

I make a promise to myself every year that I will complete my shopping well before Christmas, still I always seem to find myself rushing through the crowds on the final days. This year is no different as with moving house I am well behind so this week I have been late night shopping over Lakeside and also Oxford Street. It's been a rush but I feel like I have chosen well thought through and suitable presents for the recipients. I was hoping to find some inspiration from Carnaby Street but instead I encountered the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. I am satisfied with what I have chosen and hopeful that the gifts are well received.

Tell me you see him...

First Day...

Usually the first day at work is an overwhelming experience but not if you are an adventurous five year old who is excited about Christmas. Today my son accompanied me to the office and it turned out to be a very eventful morning. We arrived late as my alarm didn't wake us but with it being Christmas Eve it wasn't too important. The office was like a toy store as we had given out our secret Santa presents Friday so he was in his element. There was a range of weaponry, a helicopter and an assortment of other toys all to keep him occupied.

After work - which didn't really get started - we headed home, thoroughly over excited from his morning and unable to contain his enthusiasm we found ourselves motionless at Bank station. The alarm on the train sounding loudly and there was my son looking nonchalantly around the carriage. Thankfully we weren't delayed too long but it was an uncomfortable few stops before we continued our journey onwards from the Underground.

Never a dull moment! :)