Saturday, December 06, 2008

St. Nick and a Patrick

I used to anticipate Christmas with such excitement and enthusiasm, that's been replaced with a sense of caution this year. For obvious reasons what with the state of the economy but also because it's difficult to determine if stores are going to reduce prices further. Today with the problems surrounding Woolworths I decided to venture to the the stores (Bexleyheath, Lakeside and Bromley) to see what was on offer and was disappointed as there wasn't really anything worth purchasing, likely due to the earlier stampede.

It's sad because Woolworths is one of the stores I remember fondly as a child, now it's looking increasingly like it's entering a free-for-all stage in it's history.

The day started with football and my son is really enjoying playing now and has shown a massive improvement since when he first started. He listens intently to the instructions given to him and is oblivious to the distractions that otherwise would have led him to misbehave. He managed to score three goals today and when I collected him at the end he informed me that he had scored a 'Patrick'. It's one of those words you know is going to stick for a long time :)


The majority of the day that followed was set aside for Christmas/birthday shopping, the stores were heaving with people and full of activity. Stores were looking festive, the Christmas decoration store clearly having the best themed display although Apple was right up there (see above). The work Christmas party this year is Bond themed so I attempted to secure a tuxedo, I purchased the blazer but they didn't have the trousers in my size which was a shame. Not sure whether to purchase a cummerbund but a bow tie is definitely on the agenda.

Will upload some photos once I have the whole outfit! Tomorrow looks set to be an extremely busy day as there is a lot that I need to complete and time won't be on my side...