Friday, December 26, 2008

Rocking around the clock...

Christmas Day was the usual relay, back and forth from various family locations. At least I didn't have to contend a traffic jam on the motorway like last Christmas as that was fun! Instead we had a relaxed morning, opening our presents to Christmas classics being played on VH1. Still yet to wake up Christmas morning with my now family, last year I woke up with the older children and this year with my partner and our youngest child.

The older children's mother and I have an agreement whereby we have them alternating years on Christmas Eve and this year they were with her. I collected them from their grandparents midday for them to join us and open all their gifts at my parents. Then in the evening we finished our Christmas Day at my partners parents house before retiring home.

The children benefit most at Christmas, celebrating in multiple places with each location presenting more gifts for them to unwrap. I feel like I have drawn the short straw as I spent most of the day driving between places, can't complain though as it's great to see everyone and spread the goodwill.

I have stated on numerous occasions that I wouldn't use the iPhone as a platform to blog from but I'm writing to you now from the handset. I'm using as I'm not too sure of the applications available, are you blogging from the iPhone? If you are let me know what you are using and/or if there are any applications you recommend! :)