Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Business as Usual?

LONDON - FEBRUARY 02:  A man makes an armchair...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Although I managed to get into work yesterday for a few hours, today was business as usual with the travel network returning to almost normal service. I had a distance to walk first thing as the mainline I use was still suspended but it wasn't a problem. Will probably have to work late a few nights this month but at the moment survival is the key as it gets really cold in the evening :)

On Saturday had I known that we would be experiencing the worst snow in 18 years I would have made sure that I purchased better shoes than the pair I am currently wearing. I have surprised myself that I've been able to stay on my feet but this evening I was introduced to the pavement. I was able to walk away unscathered from the accident and thankfully no one witnessed my misfortune. With more snow expected over the next few days I am sure that I will build up a close relationship with the pavement!

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