Friday, February 27, 2009

"Do You Speak To Everyone Dad"

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Becoming a parent is a defining moment and raising your child is rewarding in so many ways. From their first word to their first steps as a toddler and as they continue to learn and become more independent. Starting school, learning how to read and acquiring information all the time. It's an amazing experience and I enjoy every moment I spend in their company as they learn about the World around them.

They keep me occupied and although I would like to introduce another addition to the family I want to concentrate on raising them for the present.

It's interesting what they retain and how they learn from their peers. This evening I arrived home from work to be greeted by my eight year old daughter online talking to her friends on Live Messenger. She was also deleting emails that she had received and declining web cam invitations from her school friends. The Internet has provided us with an incredible communication tool and although we take it for granted it's significance can't be understated.

My children acknowledge the role the Internet has in the modern era and from her advances this evening they are prepared to embrace technology. Considering the evolution of computers since I was a child and what can be achieved now it's incredible to watch their activity and what they can learn. I admit there are shortfalls, only recently I set them up to watch animal footage on YouTube and that was an experience. I salute the related links and how they almost educated them in how crude Monkeys can be in the wild!

I'm well aware of the dangers online so supervision is priority and they respect my knowledge and understanding. Asking questions on how to achieve what they want and curious about the desktop clients and websites that I use to communicate with friends.

This evening I had to explain to my daughter how my TweetDeck usage compares to how she talks to friends through Live Messenger. I could see her analysing the interface, the Groups I have created and the alternative method of communication. I reckon she understood well but couldn't relate to sending @replies instead of the two-way dialogue within IM. It will be a while before they are ready for social networking but the time will come. I'm curious as to what will be available and will it be them teaching me?!
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