Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Like You A Lot!

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I wrote earlier in the week about Facebook launching several new API's for the Facebook Platform which allow the social network to compete with Twitter. Rather than concentrate on performance, scalability and revenue it appears that imitation rather than innovation is the way forward for Facebook.

Remember the Facebook profile redesign where the Friendfeed comparisons were obvious? Well Facebook have moved to implement another popular feature from Friendfeed, they have activated the ability to "Like" labels on photos, notes, and other items across the network.

The Facebook blog has the following details -
We've just introduced an easy way to tell friends that you like what they're sharing on Facebook with one easy click. Wherever you can add a comment on your friends' content, you'll also have the option to click "Like" to tell your friends exactly that: "I like this." [Source]
I'm sure that the ability to "Like" will become a popular feature with my friends on Facebook. With this available another Friendfeed feature the 'Best of...' could also be introduced. Whether this is already being considered I can only speculate [edit: Posted Items are not currently available 11/02/09] but it's likely considering the Friendfeed inspiration :)

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