Friday, February 20, 2009

Fresh From FriendFeed and Twitter Plugin

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Blogger the blog publishing system I use for submitting my blog content has been the platform I have used since I started blogging. A while ago I created a Tumblr to leverage my technology content but it's purpose lately has only been to display my weekly statistics. I have contemplated several times switching to a more open source blogging platform but have remained on Blogger as I am comfortable with the functionality.

Today I encountered a new Fresh From FriendFeed and Twitter plugin available for WordPress and again I am considering my options. Mashable have a great post containing information and screenshots on what this plugin offers and it does sound very appealing. It's no secret that the majority of my activity online is no longer centralised on this site, instead I am active on various sites contributing, sharing and updating friends through micro-blogging services. Need to see this plugin available in the wild before making my decision. Until then here are the details from the plugin directory:


  • Automatically detects your FriendFeed and Twitter username; simple out-of-the-box install!
  • No external passwords are required because only public FriendFeed and Twitter APIs are used.
  • Content is imported as regular blog posts which can be easily edited, tagged and kept; or simply leave Fresh From to automatically replace imported posts with fresher content when it becomes available.
  • Content is automatically enhanced in many ways, including Twitpic photos and embedded YouTube videos.

More Features

  • Includes SEO links to your FriendFeed, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. profile pages.
  • A magic 'latest and greatest' formula is used to work out what to import. If you don't want to keep an imported post, simply delete it and Fresh From will automatically find some other content.
  • Choose to show between 1 and 10 imported posts; FriendFeed users can also choose how many posts are imported from each of their FriendFeed services (e.g. Flickr, Facebook, etc.)
  • External API limits are well respected, and API responses are cached by Fresh From to protect your site against FriendFeed and Twitter downtime.

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