Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TweetDeck Update To Debut Tomorrow

HP Mini and TweetDeckImage by bwana via Flickr

TweetDeck is an Adobe Air desktop application for Twitter that is currently in public beta. Over the last few months TweetDeck has become one of the most popular clients available and has replaced Twhirl as the main application I use to interact with friends on Twitter.

Twhirl recently received an update which included more features and the ability to post to Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Wordpress and other services with integration. AlertThingy another client I used extensively last year also recently received an update which according to TechCrunch rips a page out of TweetDeck's book by imitating the interface. Another application recently released is FriendDeck which has also emulated the TweetDeck interface.

TweetDeck which has continued to add new feature also has an update scheduled to debut tomorrow, details are available from Louis Gray -
Developer Iain Dodsworth continues to add more features to make the product practically indispensable. In the latest update, to debut tomorrow, Dodsworth adds new features that will help you communicate with a global audience, in multiple languages, monitor stock data, and even send your tweets by e-mail. And just think, this is one of Iain's minor point releases, not a major update - which is also in the works. [Source]
Louis also mentions that he has been told a full update is not all that far away. Expect Iain to tackle major issues such as memory, multiple accounts and more then. Looking forward to the release of the major update in the not to distant future. Which is your preferred Twitter desktop application? TweetDeck or Twhirl?

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