Monday, February 09, 2009

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This evening whilst watching Family Guy and browsing through my Google Reader feeds I came across the 10 People To Follow On FriendFeed blog post on for the month of February. The list highlights ten members on FriendFeed who Michael Fruchter - (Twitter/FriendFeed) - feels are unique in their own ways and add value to the community. I always enjoy reading Mike's views and appreciate him taking the time to create the monthly lists on who he feels should be followed. That's why it was a welcome surprise this evening to scroll through the list and see myself mentioned as someone that adds value to the community -
Joe Dawson

Short Bio: Joe provides product support at Barclays Clearlybusiness, located in the United Kingdom. Joe is another FriendFeeder who I have been following since I joined the site. This seems to be the common theme in this month's list. Joe is also an avid social media enthusiast. You can always count on Joe popping in on FriendFeed when he is not at work or spending time with his kids. Scanning his feed from time to time often leads to something I missed in my Google Reader. Joe's feed pretty much consists of technology and social media related content, and the occasional pictures of his kids. Who does not love kids? FriendFeed shouldn't be about business 24/7 all the time, yes I'm guilty of this, but I love random family and kids pictures as well.

What they find interesting
: Social Media, Technology, Web 2.0

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I really appreciate that I am considered to be worth following and find this to be a massive compliment. I am also proud to be in the company of some intelligent and thought provoking people on Friendfeed to feature in the list. I follow both Mike Fruchter's and Louis Gray's activity daily and from them I learn a lot about Social Media and how to participate in the community! The 10 People To Follow On FriendFeed For The Month Of February are -

1) Andy Brudtkuhl

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2) Anthony Farrior

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3) Chris Charabaruk

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4) Derrick

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5) Joe Dawson

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6) Kipp Bodnar

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7) Lindsay Donaghe

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8) Lu Tao

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9) Shevonne

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10) V Mary Abraham

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