Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Want To Talk To The Big Guy...

ChildrenImage by joedawson via Flickr

My children have been on half term this last week and to keep them occupied they have attended activity days where they have participated in their hobbies. My daughter had horse riding and she really enjoyed herself, telling me today that she is hoping soon that they will allow her to start jumping.

My son had three days of football which consisted of training, tournaments and he also travelled to Stamford Bridge for a stadium tour. I have found it really difficult to communicate with him lately but today he was a reformed character. I don't know whether directly influenced by him attending the football activities over the last few days but it seemed that way. Being away from the usual distractions and having to be responsible and show discipline for the coaches has made him become more proactive.

Today my daughter had a party to attend so once she had been collected we spent the day playing football and watching movies. It's been a productive day as I have a great relationship with my daughter but sometimes I feel distant from my son. Today I feel like I have my special little guy again :)
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