Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow Day!

Snow DayImage by joedawson via Flickr

The predicted heavy snow started falling yesterday evening, coating everything in a beautiful blanket of white. Walking through the streets last night reminded me of the scene from The Chronicles of Narnia where Lucy Pevensie first meets Mr. Tumnus at the Lamp post.

The snow continued to fall through the night and this morning it brought the entire transport system to a - expected - stand still. Trains and Buses were suspended across the capital, commuters were unable to get to work and schools were closed.

Although many will question why we weren't prepared for the heaviest snow for 18 years. I don't feel we can be too harsh as how can you prepare for something like this? After attempting to commute to work it soon became obvious that it wasn't happening due to the South Eastern train network being suspended. I decided to make the most of the snow day and spent the time taking photos and building a snowman! Be careful on the roads people but most of all enjoy it whilst it lasts!!
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