Friday, February 06, 2009

Where's my presents?

Today was my sons birthday, he definitely celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. I spoke to him first thing in the morning and it does make me laugh that at the age of six he still isn't comfortable talking on the telephone. I suppose I did phone as he was arriving at school so his school friends were more appealing that me singing happy birthday to him.

After school he went to an Indoor Play Area with some friends, they usually have loads of fun here and they did today but for a group of children there who only out to cause disruption. I met them at their mothers house, arriving as they were opening presents from some of her friends. Her friend who is three months pregnant showed me her scan pictures, I want another baby...

The theme for my sons birthday was Ben 10 as he got plenty of related gifts. Below are some photos that were taken of him opening presents and with his cake -