Friday, May 01, 2009

Another Programming Interface

Tweetdeck_install_11Image by Narisa via Flickr

Desktop clients are becoming increasingly popular, instead of accessing a web-based service solely in a browser developers enhance the experience through third-party clients built on the platform API. With the handheld market there are even more ways to access services, there's a rich ecosystem surrounding the Twitter API and money to be made.

Facebook realise the potential and in an important step for openness have opened the experience with the new Facebook Open Stream API. I have tested Facebook Desktop for AIR, Seesmic Desktop and TweetDeck and all offer a similar experience. TechCrunch feature a story today about a pair of applications put together by Microsoft that are visually impressive and show the potential of what can be created -
In less than 72 hours, two small teams managed to put together a pair of applications built on the new Facebook APIs that really show off just how robust a Facebook application can be. The first app was built in Microsoft’s Silverlight platform, while the other is based on .NET ~ Jason Kincaid (TechCrunch)
Microsoft will be releasing an SDK (Software Development Kit) and the source code for both of the apps in the near future.

The application demo video made me think about the possibility of a Microsoft Surface application. Just imagine the Microsoft Surface available in a coffee shop or bar with the ability to exchange contact information, photos, accepting friend request etc. I'm sure we will see real innovation and exciting products released over the coming months as developers realise the full potential.

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