Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Disqus Enhances Twitter Functionality and Unveils Mini-Profile

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In December Disqus integrated with Facebook Connect providing another form of distribution for blogs/comments by sending activity back to the newsfeed. I regularly use Facebook Connect to login and comment on blogs and find the functionality works really well. I have also had people login to my site with Facebook Connect and have received positive feedback.

Earlier this year they announced Social Media Reactions which finds and displays mentions and comments about your post from other services around the web (e.g. Twitter, FriendFeed, Digg, YouTube).

Disqus have been listening to user feedback and as a result, they have announced a number of changes this evening -
* Tweeting comments is the ability in which commenter's are able to tweet out every time they leave a comment, with a link back to the article. Disqus is now using Twitter’s OAuth support for tweeting comments. You may now securely use Twitter with Disqus without entering in your password.

If you’ve added your Twitter credentials beforehand, you’ll just need just reauthorize using OAuth here:
* When replying to a comment, you will now see this reply format show up on twitter.
Example Tweet: RE: @fredwilson I saw Marcy contribute to the thread and I think that’s awesome! Also… this is a semi-worthless comment… http://disq.us/39
They have also announce mini-profiles which were a much requested feature. Hovering over a commenter’s picture now drops down a compact drop-down profile, while clicking on the picture opens up the pop-up profile. This compact drop-down profile displays a user’s Disqus status (ie. guest, registered, or verified) and social network links, the expand button opens a pop-up with more profile information and recent comments.

The new features futher increase the functionality of the service. Moving forward I would like to see Disqus provide the ability to combine Facebook Connect with my existing Disqus profile. Through Twitter I was informed that this feature is coming soon :)

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