Friday, May 29, 2009

Something For The Weekend

Spymaster: Singapore safe house is expensive, ...Image by inju via Flickr

Spymaster is a new game that has quickly become popular online through integration with the Twitter service. Sign up for the game using Twitter OAuth login and take on the role of a spy, completing tasks, assassinations, buying things on the black market and putting money in Swiss bank account.

Trust me this game is very addictive but could potentially cause problems with my followers with spamming them with notifications so I have limited the amount of updates from the game. That's right in order to maximise the amount of money you generate you need to send notifications of you activity through Twitter. For every notification you leave turned on when playing Spymaster, you will generate an extra 1% of money. It's all in the name of fun for now, but this is proving to be a popular game so I'm sure this type of social game could potentially become a trend. Although I draw the line at sending sheep to my Twitter followers...

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