Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Drummer Hits The Beat With All His Heart

Russian Alexander Bryukhankov (foreground) and...Image by AFP/Getty Images via Daylife

Ah, the good old days, around midday today I was reminded why the Saturday triathlon doesn't entertain racing through Primark. The early morning shift requires watching the clock as the drummer hits the beat with all his heart. Here's to waiting! No time for rowing through crazy town..

Recently having expressed that someone at football was bothering him, my son has adjusted his playing technique to become more ruthless. Although this probably sounds a negative aspect it's the opposite, before he would create the opportunity and see the chances spurned by the 'goal hangers'. His frustration at those that prefer to allow someone else to do all the hard work and take the glory is clearly visible on the pitch. He still plays with more confidence and control when he's in the garden but he continues to make encouraging improvements.

It's difficult for my eldest daughter to practise without a horse, thankfully she is now riding midweek which is great for her to progress further. The day will come, soon I'm sure, when she will want her own horse! Will definitely need a larger garden when that day arrives! We were delayed reaching the stables today due to roadworks but were able to make the following lesson. My daughter was composed and rode confidently, keeping the younger children occupied was a distraction but not as much as the dog eager to display his happiness! We're now going to eat excessive amounts of popcorn whilst watching movies, what happened to the rain?!
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