Thursday, May 07, 2009

Digg Launches Facebook Connect Integration

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Most of the blogs I contribute to feature Facebook Connect integration and the ability to login with your Facebook account is becoming increasingly popular across the Internet. Yesterday finally saw the Digg integration with Facebook Connect released and it's impressive although it does make my Facebook profile look like a Bingo sheet.

I already imported Diggs through the Facebook Imported Sites feature but that wasn't real-time and usually batched multiple entries together. Synchronising with Facebook Connect I have removed the Imported Sites feed due to duplicate entries and have decided to share Diggs, Comments and Submissions.
After connecting, you will now have access to Digg friend features, such as our green story icons that appear once a friend has dugg a story. You can also choose to automatically follow your Facebook friends, or invite your friends to Digg from your Facebook Connect settings page in your profile ~ Kevin Rose (Digg)
Kevin Rose states that this is the first step in a line of initiatives to make it even easier to share the content you care about with the people you care about. I'm looking forward to the Digg redesign and with the aim to get more real-time in nature it should be interesting..

Here's Facebook Connect in action:

Digg: Facebook Connect Demo from Digg Meetups on Vimeo.

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