Thursday, May 14, 2009

Decentralized Realisation Time Web..

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Everyone knows enough about Twitter, in fact we could all probably refer to ourselves as experts right?

We were there in the early days, experienced the scalability problems that have long been the Archilles heel of the service, rejoiced in the Fail Whale, discussed the lack of business plan but still we actively participated as the service grew and made the transition to mainstream adoption.

We know how to send and read other users' updates known as tweets, we're familiar with the openness and focus on discovery, we know about hashtags, trending topics and Twitter search being the dawn of the real time era.. but is it?!
Bloggers and readers alike have announced this as the beginning of real time search, the dawning of a new era. Sadly, this is not the case. What this is, is the indexing of Twitter in real time - well that’s the goal anyway. Therefore, really, its ‘indexing-as-quick-as-people-can-find-it search.’ ~ Zee [TheNextWeb]
As the discussion on real-time conversations continues to grow in popularity it's beginning to take new shapes and directions. Marshall Kirkpatrick [ReadWriteWeb] writes that the Real Time Web will offer three forms of value; Ambiance, Automation and Emergence and provides detailed analysis on the emerging field. Just like with
decentralized comments I can see the Real Time vision becoming increasingly complicated as it grows, evolves and becomes decentralized across different services. Indexing the content across a service adds value but indexing the entire Web will really define the new era and to achieve this I agree with Zee - it's no mean feat, but if anyone is likely to accomplish it, it’s Google not Twitter.
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