Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tea Towels, Shoes And Caves

Botany BayImage by joedawson via Flickr

The weather is glorious and today presented an ideal opportunity for us to spend the afternoon down the beach. I didn't have the best night but still managed to wake up early and start the preparations. Earlier in the week I had seen a friend of my partner upload an album to Facebook featuring photos taken at Botany Bay. What made this so appealing is that there were caves to explore! You wouldn't have been able to hold us back..

We had planned to all travel down together but unfortunately we didn't, instead there were 'last minute' alterations and I travelled with just my two children. It was a shame that we didn't all attend because it made a change from the usual Saturdays. Another disappointing aspect of the journey was that I managed to smash the iPhone screen when trying to find a parking space near the beach. I placed the iPhone onto my bag but the screen shattered as it connected with one of the [vanity] products I had on my possession. Thankfully the handset is insured although I have to pay a small excess charge when my next bill comes through which isn't too significant!

Although the mainland was roasting, the coast was quite windy so we made our way to the caves for a short period of time and then in the direction of a restaurant. Luckily they were also showing the football so we had dinner whilst enjoying Chelsea beat Everton 2-1 (3-1 the goal should have stood) to win the FA Cup. This created the perfect departure for Guus Hiddink who has restored order to the club during his three months in charge and hopefully we may see him return in the future at some point! After the match we went back to the caves briefly before leaving to travel home!

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