Saturday, May 02, 2009

Web 3.0? Real-Time is Real

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Paul Buchheit built the first version of Gmail in one day. Then, he built the first prototype of Google's contextual advertising service, Adsense, in one day as well. Now, he's working on a much-watched startup called FriendFeed that he believes just brought to market the next big form of communication online: flowing, multi-person, real-time conversations ~ Marshall Kirkpatrick (ReadWriteWeb)

Paul Buchheit believes that the open, realtime discussions that occur on Friendfeed are going to become a major new communication medium on the same level as email, IM and blogging.

From my own participation with Friendfeed I agree with this vision as realtime discussion is definitely the way forward and is growing in popularity. Michael Arrington may feel that FriendFeed is in danger of becoming the coolest App no one uses but that isn't a view shared by the community on Friendfeed.

Friendfeed may be considered too complicated for the average user to quickly understand, but Facebook regularly implements the innovative feature and Microsoft have unveiled aggregation to their Live profile.

Other popular sites are also said to be unveiling their services over the next few months which should be exciting. Real-time is now, Web 2.0, Social Media have their bubble and while many are waiting for Web 3.0, Real-time is REAL!

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