Saturday, August 15, 2009


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Yesterday presented the end of another era at my company. I have worked alongside my colleague and built up a good relationship so it's sad to see him leaving. I expect Monday that my workload is going to increase considerably because he was a valuable member of the team.

Thankfully with the Internet and social networking we will stay in touch and I aim to see him regularly. To celebrate his time at the company we gathered in the local bar to share drinks and stories. Lately with the fitness programme I'm finding that when I consume alcohol that I am having cheaper nights!! Eventful is an understatement because it's been an interesting few weeks.

This weekend we welcome back football and the start of the Premiership campaign, already I'm excited and full of optimism because Chelsea should be challenging for silverware. The day started with my son's football and he played well and adapted to the playing habits of his team! I then enjoyed Chelsea making hard work of their opening fixture and relying on an injury time cross winner to beat Hull City. My daughter returns from Florida Wednesday/Thursday, I have really missed her because she has been away for a month. Next weekend then will see the return of horse riding before travelling to Paris for a few days :)
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