Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Disqus V3 Coming Next Week

Disqus ProfileImage by joedawson via Flickr

Disqus the third party commenting system that I use for this site, continues to enhance the functionality of the service.

This evening I came across a post by Steven Hodson, the self proclaimed cranky old fart, social media un-expert and blogger (Shooting at Bubbles/Inquistr). In the post he mentions that Disqus have geared up to release of V3 of their platform. The new version promises the same type of integration with social media as well as a re-vamped commenting system.

I love what the service offers as both a blogger and contributor to discussion on other websites. I'm hopeful that this latest release will consolidate the profiles, I'm currently able to login with Disqus, Facebook Connect and Twitter OAuth but the activity isn't centralised. Instead each login operates independently, I would like the ability to view comments on Disqus but also publish activity to the Facebook newsfeed and Twitter stream.

I'm intrigued about Disqus V3, the service is definitely a true system for powering real discussion. Looking forward to next week, please check out the presentation below for a preview..

DISQUS V3 from Giannii on Vimeo.

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