Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Facebook Lite Temporarily Exposed

Facebook Lite!Image by Hammarstrand via Flickr

Facebook are having a prolific week, they acquired Friendfeed which has generated significant press across the blogosphere, then launched a revised search interface and details are now emerging about Facebook Lite which is a faster, simpler version of the social network.

The feature was briefly made available for select users for feedback although it was shortly removed. Facebook then stated that the test was temporarily exposed to a larger set of users by mistake. And they have not opened up access to http://lite.facebook.com to all users at this time. People who are not part of the test and are trying to access “Lite” will be directed to Facebook.com as usual.

They mention that they are currently testing Facebook Lite in countries where they are seeing lots of new users coming to Facebook for the first time. The similarities to Twitter/Friendfeed are obvious, providing the ability to @username would be the natural progression and likely make the Twitter development team uncomfortable. Twitter to be acquired by Google? I think that looks increasingly more likely all the time..

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