Friday, August 07, 2009

What Happens In Room ...

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Today was our annual 'training day', these occasions are always memorable and I'm sure that reminiscing will provide many wonderful stories from across the years. What's guaranteed though is that no matter how much training we receive we always have a lot to learn.

We started at La Porchetta and the food here was divine, I enjoyed a Calzone Pollo which is a rolled pizza with the topping inside. There was variety of wine available to accompany the food so it felt wrong not to indulge. After eating we travelled to the Karaoke Rooms located in Smithfield Street, near Urban Golf which is a venue we visited for a previous function. On the journey to the Karaoke Rooms I made it clear that I would not be participating in any form of karaoke. Several Mojito's later and could anyone get the microphone from me? Good times, inevitable ending, delightful journey home, same place next week, bring on the trumpets..
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