Saturday, August 29, 2009

When The Dust Settles...

The Arctic MonkeysImage by Frida Borjeson Photography via Flickr

I am watching the Arctic Monkeys perform at Reading on BBC3 and we definitely choose the wrong festival. Not only did Oasis, the headline act for Sunday cancel their performance but there was also a regrettable situation that could have been avoided.

Disneyland Resort® Paris would have made sure that we saved the last dance. The pictures from Disneyland are now online, I used Picasa 3 to organize and upload the photos from the hard drive. I'm still divided between Flickr and Picasa although I had reasons for choosing the Picasa service for the Disney album.

I'm feeling better today, yesterday was difficult, probably one of the hardest I have faced but friends and family have helped. The children impressed at their activities earlier, they both performed really well and I was full of pride. I'm slowly catching up with the feeds/news I have missed over the last few days. Been using Facebook for iPhone 3.0 which was released this week. It has a few issues that have been noted by the developer but these bugs will be fixed when the updated version is approved by Apple. What are your views on the application? Have you experienced any issues?!

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