Thursday, August 27, 2009

The New Adventures Of...

The New Adventures of Huckleberry FinnImage via Wikipedia

It's been an eventful week, I'm exhausted if I'm honest because I haven't had much sleep these last few days and I have done too much thinking. What's strange is that the music I have been listening to whilst driving sounds completely different. Have I changed or do I need to replace the collection?!

Travelled to V Festival on Sunday, I hadn't experienced a festival before and it was incredible. I spent the majority of the afternoon alone though because I lost my friends and was unable to contact them due to the network being overwhelmed. Caught Joe Lean & The Jing, Jang, Jong which I enjoyed; MGMT, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Ocean Colour Scene were all good with The Streets being the highlight. The main disappointment though was the actions of a 'friend' that tainted the afternoon but that's irrelevant as it opened my eyes more than anything.

Straight after V Festival, I travelled across the Channel to Disneyland Paris with my children. I drove the majority of the way, crossing the Channel on the Ferry and then travelling by car towards Paris. The drive was longer than I had anticipated but it was worth it as we had a truly magical time there. My daughter told me at one point that her face was hurting where she had been smiling so much. My son on the other hand was more concerned about hedgehogs jumping through the windows. I will upload some photos shortly, just getting up to speed with what I have missed, filling in the blanks for people and also making arrangements for Reading!!
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