Sunday, August 09, 2009

Me And You Dad..

BoyImage by joedawson via Flickr

With my daughter still enjoying her holiday in Florida, this weekend has been all about the boy. After Friday, Saturday morning began by providing a chance to spend some quality time with him at football practice and then swimming.

It's always difficult with him when I haven't seen him for any length of time and this weekend was no different. He appeared to be finding it difficult without his older sibling so I made sure I gave him plenty of attention.

Had a planned evening with friends so I ventured out for a few hours late Saturday. The night was eventful, any time you return home without underwear you know it's been a memorable night.

Today we were out early again, relaxing in the park was the planned activity and we were there for a while. After football we then headed home to watch the Community Shield before I returned him to his mothers and finished my weekend in the gym.
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