Saturday, August 01, 2009

Revolution: Will This Change Everything?

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There has been significant backlash and protests surrounding Apple rejecting the Google Voice and compatible applications from the AppStore. Yesterday, Mike Arrington quit the iPhone, writing on TechCrunch that he had to choose between the iPhone and Google Voice. He opted to go with the company that wasn’t forcing him to do things their way. And in this case, that’s Google!

The Federal Communications Commission have now launched an inquiry to AT&T and Apple over the rejection of Google's Voice application. They are interested in a more complete understanding of this situation and the day of reckoning is Friday, August 21. Whatever the outcome, Google benefits the most as they win either way!
Do the right thing, and everyone falls immediately back in love with all things Apple. Stay the inconsistent and illogical course and this issue could be the beginning of the end of Apple's golden era. You can't call yourself a hero and act like a villain. You can't be the people's choice if you don't choose the people. ~ Kent Newsome
The TechCrunch article has the letters available, what's intriguing is whether this - like the tagline from the Apple commercials - changes everything...

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