Sunday, August 02, 2009

Nom, Nom, Nando's

Nando'sImage by Mikey White via Flickr

With the older children enjoying a vacation in Florida and the youngest away with family we've had the majority of the weekend to ourselves. It's been relaxing, even after the Friday night escapades which resulted in too much alcohol consumed and not enough sleep.

To recuperate we decided to eat out..

Nando's is our preferred restaurant of choice, the chain is spreading like wild fire around the country. Although in the office, the opinion on Nando's is divided between those that love and those that loathe peri-peri chicken, we can't get enough! Maybe it's a refined taste, either way we enjoyed the food available on two occasions this weekend and still managed to leave with more for dinner in the evening. What's your view on Nando's?

Do you love or loathe what the restaurant brings to the table?

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