Friday, November 06, 2009

Follow The Bear

Brizzly explains Twitter trendsImage by docpop via Flickr
Recently Brizzly, the web app which launched earlier in the summer, has introduced features that have caught my attention. The interface already provided the ability to see pictures in the stream, and easily retweet anything with the click of a button.

Facebook was then introduced and to an extent I prefer how the status updates, wall posts, likes and comments are displayed through the interface. Providing the ability to alternate easily between both Twitter and Facebook is an intuitive and simple process.

Brizzly already provided the ability to create Groups but with Twitter Lists now available to everyone the web app now has support for the Internets new sliced bread! Lists are imported into Brizzly and displayed and also any Group created will be converted into a List, WIN! TechCrunch have further details on the functionality and I have invitations available for anyone who wants to be involved! Leave a message in the comments or alternatively send me a tweet!

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