Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Retweet Retreat

Chinese WhispersImage by Diamond Geyser via Flickr

Wondering who this is? I'm now part of a beta group! There has been plenty of reorganisation taking place at Twitter recently and I must have done something right as I have the new retweet feature available. People who don't have this feature enabled will see the tweets prefaced with the standard "RT". Like Ronseal "It does exactly what it says on the tin" and provides an easy method of sharing with your followers.

I wrote previously that I understand the principle, displaying the original tweet in the timeline; provides the source, original (unedited) tweet and our @username as the retweet.
I also stated that I would like to see threaded conversation introduced as I want to be a part of a global discussion not an empty echo chamber. Evan Williams has an informative blog post that explains the whole concept. Personally I would like to see the new format incorporate threaded notes so that conversation can take place! This works but it could be better and for those that aren't interested you can still continue to retweet exactly the same way as before..

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