Friday, November 13, 2009

Just Prance!

World Gone GagaImage by joedawson via Flickr

I've had more than intended, people start to rush, start to rush babe. How does he twist the dance? Can't find my drink, man?! or keys and there is a possibility that I lost my phone.

Apparently I need to buy shoes before I'm ready for the weekend, according to Calvin Harris anyway and I didn't intend to participate in the proceedings but I'm easily persuaded! The preparations were against the clock due to 'overtime' but I managed to rendezvous with friends in a timely manner. We exchanged pleasantries and the topic quickly moved to events that transpired in Newcastle which appear to have raised the stakes considerably! We were to travel on South Eastern Rail, destination Greenwich and were in good form although I wasn't prepared for the chance encounter with the Tin Man. What would Dorothy have said about the reluctance to reciprocate a high five?!

Due to the weather conditions, I improvised to prevent a disturbance in the force! Probably not the most defining aspect of the evening but the overcoat preserved the appearance?! It's not about the downpour but it's definitely not about attempting to convince strangers into purchasing the coat at a discounted rate! Anyway the introduction, Lady Gaga definitely caught everyone’s attention at the VMA’s with her eccentric wardrobe choices. I'm going to focus on how she accessorised her white sequenced dress with a wreath wrapped around her face because that was exactly the look I was attempting to reproduce. It couldn't have been better scripted because with the fur overcoat wrapped around my head, this eskimo attempted to enter the North Pole which confused even the watchmen! Where here for Santa!! Hyperlinked to confirm that this wasn't a dream or an over-exaggeration! My night finished early compared to friends but the bugle sounded in the distance and I knew that it was time to retire. Has anyone seen the overcoat?!
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