Monday, November 02, 2009

You Wouldn't Start Your Night Like This..

Carnage NewcastleImage by joedawson via Flickr

Now it's well known that what goes on tour, stays on tour but I feel that because situations have blurred the lines, we're going to talk about Newcastle for a while! Through conversation we were able to reconstruct the events from the previous night and plenty occurred. After a brief tour and a simulation that appeared to promote drink driving we were ready for the evening ahead!

The preparations were naturally more involved than yesterday as we moved to another room to increase our overall presence. The Carnage theme was Doctors and Nurses, long socks and scrubs were the order of the day! Stethoscopes, bandages and rubber gloves were the main accessories to complete the appearance! I managed to severely burn my forearm to represent but I now have reservations that this was too much. Not that it was intentional but the iron decided to attack in a ruthless and devastating manner!

Drinking games are always a bold statement especially when you introduce playing cards. I feel that my influence on this activity was minimal and I wasn't involved to the extent that I made the death card infamous! Details from here are vague as I merged with the alcohol anticipation and became one with the event. The photos that have since surfaced contain images of signature forgery and impersonation! If that's how someone feels they should behave then I'm prepared to reserve judgement but only this time. I remember a scene that at the time made so much sense but now I'm concerned for public safety. I'm referring to the pole dancing incident! It doesn't matter about confidence because it was seriously dangerous! Eventually progressed through the bars and entered the club, I was impressed at the amount of students in attendance but with everyone wearing the t-shirts it was a challenge to stay together! Afterwards we headed in the direction of the hotel because our friend had retired early for some unusual reason (fetish) but we were soon back at the house. I remember feeling well involved with the family and then I was alone..

The proverbial wings that are allocated following the consumption of energy drinks wasn't convenient because I needed to recharge. Instead a song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney which is the opening track on the The Beatles' debut album, Please Please Me became the soundtrack to the remainder of the night! An unproductive morning progressed to our eventual departure and after several farewell attempts our adventure was complete and we made our journey home! Newcastle you were a great host and we will return to experience more in the future..
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