Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My Life Isn't Average..

Reflections in a bubbleImage by istargazer via Flickr

After the weekend, returning to work was always going to be a difficult task. It was inevitable that I would oversleep, especially considering that I had permanent marker on my body but as a bonus I also experienced a nosebleed! MLIA

I take pride in personal hygiene but standing on the tube this morning with the words 'Don't make me get oldskool' written down my forearm wasn't the best look I had achieved! A recurrence of the nosebleed was also greeted by a unanimous reaction but I just smiled and waved to acknowledge that I knew it was a faux pas! My vision was slightly impaired and I actually wished that the proverbial wings from energy drink consumption would occupy this frail frame. Mainly so that I could quickly retreat from the tube towards the exit and hide under my desk!! Work was actually a blur and I'm confused about what I achieved but I'm in a bubble at the moment and even laughter sounds different..
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