Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Internet Not Linked To Social Isolation

Nasa Control Center?Image by lululemon athletica via Flickr

A new study confirms that Internet and mobile phones are not linked to social isolation. Online activities such as social networking, email, blogging etc can even lead to larger, more diverse networks! The enhanced functionality of smart phones that provide a rich online experience has furthered participation in a variety of internet activities.

The only aspect to limit my interaction through these online activities is the battery life. The report states that many internet technologies are used as much for local contact as they are for distant communication. I was impressed when I was contacted by an online friend who had happened across an album from the weekend featuring an appearance from yours truly. Introduced through online gaming several years ago, we're still yet to meet but through Facebook we communicate regularly and it was surreal being notified that he had found some photos of me with his friends! The world definitely feels like a smaller place but Newcastle is still a long drive away...

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