Sunday, November 08, 2009

What Goes Up..

Botany BayImage by joedawson via Flickr

There can be many changes in a year, circumstance, situation, knowledge are examples but the age increase is most significant. Purely based on expectation and what's required! Recently I had a conversation with my daughter about getting older, being inquisitive she wanted my perspective.

I informed her that although I was approaching 30 that I still felt like a child inside. That even though I continue to mature, underneath the surface I'm a confused boy. This made her upset, I'm so not good at providing advice!!

Today was my daughters birthday and I was lucky to have the children this weekend to be there when they woke. I love them both so much and being there to experience her anticipation and excitement was a reward! The proceedings were divided between the two families which has become the norm. When she had returned from spending time with her mother we all travelled to participate in bowling for the afternoon. The rivalry was great and I nearly managed to win but victory was snatched from my grasp. Overall a fantastic afternoon and the Chelsea victory was an added bonus. My daughter has an entire new wardrobe which means even less room available..
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