Sunday, November 29, 2009

Three A Magic Number?

Ke$haImage by stevegarfield via Flickr

When I woke up in the morning yesterday I wasn't really feeling like anyone famous! Fast forward 24 hours and I definitely have a Sean Combs demeanour!

I had brushed my teeth with Vodka and left for what became an eventful night! The agenda was to discuss pedicures on our toes and the boys blowing up our phones. Actually the conversation centered around tattoo's and the Hills. The later obviously being for the purpose of humour, but you knew that right?!?

There were unexplained photographs although I'm concerned that there wasn't a shoe perspective as isn't that the standard?! I managed to misplace another umbrella but it could have been worse especially had I travelled to Brighton and returned home with many unaccountable items. That scenario was reserved for anyone that travelled south for the weekend. Personally I felt that Newcastle should have been the feature but I wasn't in any position to make decisions as the curtain came down and I awaited the view from the afternoon..
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