Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mint Crack

Halloween NewcastleImage by joedawson via Flickr

The journey was too long but we finally touched down in Newcastle after several hours of driving through the country! I wasn't on form and the introduction to the relatives wasn't of the usual high standard (later rectified)! On route we had consumed a vast amount of energy drinks and were already building momentum. After purchasing the necessities, we prepared for the evening like we owned the place. Listening to 80's classics, hair straightners, ironing and prancing about in our underwear!

We eventually made our way out to meet up with our friends who had travelled with us and were staying at a nearby hotel. It was as though the whole Toon were out to celebrate Halloween and everyone had made an effort. We were soon interacting with the Geordies and I was to be informed that I was 'Mint Crack'. I must admit I was thrown by this comment because where we live these terms have other definitions. I decided to embrace the term and considering I was portrayed as an Australian, intentions of space exploration with a friend who had several phobias it was the least I could do. The night progressed and as a collective we became separated in the city centre. I managed to cover a significant area before we were reunited, apparently humour is available in abundance and directions weren't always genuine.

Eventually after providing relationship advice, photography and participating in many discussions I managed to locate everyone. We then proceeded to consume alcohol and dance like our lives depended on it! We eventually made our way to a nightclub, the attempts to avoid payment were amazing but we made our way inside and onto the dancefloor. Afterwards we headed out onto the streets in search of more action! I managed to locate someone wearing a Deadmau5 mask which instantly became the highlight and I felt he deserved to WIN Halloween. I then became slightly obsessed, to the extent that I was told to move away by the persons friends, who knew! As we travelled home we then encountered a scene that couldn't have been better scripted. A situation occurs between two people, the expected punches are thrown and then both for some reason start attacking bins. Anyway, who should appear through the crowds but Rocky Balboa!! He's enjoyed his night and walks passed the scene almost oblivious. I confront him and suggest he defuse the situation and he laughs and continues his journey! Nice one!! Inevitably I then manage to lose everyone again and decide to head back to where we're staying, laughing and running through the streets like the aim is to set a record! At this point I have decided that I like to sleep and I retire to the bedroom like I'm part of the family...
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