Sunday, April 11, 2010

Actually, I Have The T-Shirt

KOKO in CamdenImage by markhillary via Flickr
Yesterday was uneventful until I was invited to a barbecue, I travelled to my friends unsure how the night would unfold. Originally after watching Chelsea progress to the FA Cup final I wanted to watch El Gran Clásico at the Bernabeu but was persuaded to stay at my friends. This proved to be a good decision because I enjoyed the atmosphere and interaction, I'm still unsure how I eventually woke up wearing two coats and a scarf though. The car journey to my children in the morning was an adventure because finding where my brothers were playing football was a mission. Eventually we found them but they were losing 5-1 so no reason to get too excited! Participated in our own game for a while before heading home..

Later that afternoon I headed to Camden Town for Koko Pop, I travelled with my partner's sister and met friends outside the venue. It felt different without her there because we have done so much together recently. I was advised beforehand that there would be considerable delays during the production of the show and there were a few times this occurred. The first performance was Tinie Tempah, we go way back and we shared some memorable times in the past before he became famous. He has the video footage that he will show to his family several years in the future. Probably at his aunts house!! I wonder whether he has ever sung Mambo No. 5?!

After his performance he disappeared from the stage, attempting to find a better vantage point we managed to find him downstairs at the lower bar. We then became the crowd for his interview, when this finished we had to find out about the footage we recorded during our previous encounter and he told us the details and that he gave us a shout out on the Radio. There was a lot of waiting about after this but we managed to watch Daisy Dares You perform, according to my friends she was particularly interested in me but I'm not so sure! We managed to appear in the following interviews for Alexandra Burke and Marina & The Diamonds. The Marina interview was delayed because her clothing featured Coca-Cola branding heavily and the producers weren't impressed and she had to change outfits.

I decided to depart from the event at this stage because my family had organised a meal to celebrate my birthday. I arrived and was presented with cards and a gift from my siblings, my sister reminded me again that she had been the chief organiser. How could I forget when she has told me this the entire week!! It was a great gift, I have always wanted to participate in a Red Letter Day experience and now I will be able to once I have selected my preference. Skydiving, Parachute Jumps and many of the water activities sound attractive. A hectic 24 hours concluded with a telephone call from Tenerife, counting down the days now...