Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Facebook Want Us To Like Everything

f8 Facebook Platform LaunchImage by kohtzy via Flickr
The Next Evolution of Facebook Platform was announced today at Facebook’s F8 conference. They met with developers and entrepreneurs from around the world to talk about new ways for people to connect with friends online and share what's important to them. Mark Zuckerberg unveiled his vision to socialize the web with several new changes to the social network. There's plenty of coverage on Techmeme, I wanted to focus on the Open Graph protocol and API, which will allow developers easier access to social graphs and integrate them with their web services. I'm sure that many are familiar with the "Like" button on Facebook, show your friends that you're interested in status updates, photos and links by clicking "Like." 

I noticed earlier in the week that Facebook Pages had adopted the "Like" button but that was only the start! From today we will begin seeing "Like," or in some cases "Recommend," buttons appear on popular websites across the Internet. I rate how the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) have implemented the functionality and I'm intrigued how music preferences will filter through the social network. I have added the "Like" button to this site, although it's a work-in-progress and may not work as intended. What do you think about the announcements from f8 and do you intend to "Like" everything? How do we express a negative experience with a product, brand or personality though, I want to know if Facebook intend to introduce that to the Open Graph?

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