Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Definition of Difference

Camden Town 24 march 2006Image by mirci via Flickr
Everyone has embarrassing memories, whether it's the experimental hairstyle, that old cardigan, Burberry trousers or performing a dance routine to Mambo No. 5. These memories are usually best forgotten, but through photography and video footage they can always make another appearance. The stage was set at my partners eighteenth birthday family party, the auditorium was at capacity and everyone watched the childhood video footage. I don't really think that anyone featured escaped without an embarrassing moment. The Russian accent was amazing and the red dress was obviously reserved for exclusive performances! A little bit of Sandra in the Sun...

This was the first time that I had been introduced to many of the family, we had considered my children's participation but figured it better to move slowly. I'm sure that my son would have had everyone playing the peg game so probably a sensible approach. It was a shame that more friends didn't participate, although as I have found it's the best friends that are always there when required most! After the majority of the birthday cake and alcohol had been consumed we decided to move onwards to Camden Town. The typical journey was accompanied by a separation into two groups at Mornington Crescent. This wasn't intentional but neither was awarding a ten to the person that dived into the floor, sharing a burger with strangers or exchanging jackets with security staff at a bar and then banishing them from the premises with their 'shield'. We were eventually reunited and somehow ended up with a notepad, several notes later we were writing on each other; visions of Newcastle with the original cast!

Afterwards we seemed to attract the attention of the local hobos, exchanged 'number' and they were influential as towards the end I thought that everyone was behaving differently!! The evening wouldn't be complete without the night bus home although when we were introduced to 'Blondie' and 'Asian' I couldn't answer. At the final furlong the driver of our last bus told us that we were delaying the service and making everyone late, considering that this was an empty bus meant that this was up for debate. The night finished with too many questions but an emotional day concluded with a somersault and necessary sleep...


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