Saturday, April 03, 2010

Everything's Going To Be Better For You

NME EasterImage by joedawson via Flickr
After the huge success of the Club NME Christmas Party, we headed to Koko to experience The Whip headline the Easter bank holiday extravaganza alongside Killaflaw and Ou Est Le Swimming Pool (DJ Set). We were really tired beforehand and sleep wasn't the most thought out decision, especially when we woke at 19:00 with others depending on our involvement. The preparation had been appointed to us because we usually provide the main contribution to any delays, sleep is a requirement though..

Approximately two hours later we arrived in Camden and made our intentions known at World's End! Afterwards we headed towards Koko and immediately were approached by opportunists. Special offers and discounted promotions?! You have to be Superman, right? We entered the venue like we had returned home, frequent visitors with reservations for the front standing area. No one appeared to mind! The theme was innovative, although not familiar with the restoration of the Primary Universe through the negation of the Tangent Universe; Koko welcomed Donnie Darko's Manipulated Dead Frank premonition from the future in the form of a disturbing - glow stick wielding - rabbit suit. There were two glow stick wielding rabbits at the front and once the supply had been allocated they disappeared and The Whip took to the stage. Not too familiar with their tracks but the atmosphere was glowing (pun intended)! Afterwards the speakers were occupied by a majority Indie playlist, Mumford & Sons received the warmest reception and deserved too! After retiring briefly for sleep in the upper tier with my partner we decided that the curtain called and we made our departure. Arriving home at 06:00 was not a good look but we have become accustomed to this now and we were soon awake again and ready for the day ahead. I have my children today after an interlude but enjoying their company and creativity so far!!

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