Thursday, April 08, 2010

Inside Every Thirty Year Old...

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..There's an eighteen year old asking, what happened?
According to online sources the 30th birthday in today’s world is often around the time when people start thinking of calming down. They indicate that I should have started to lust after women that it would be socially inappropriate for me to date due to their age, who knew... It is assumed that I'm somewhat established in the career of my choice, and that I should apparently have a preference for massages and relaxation sessions!

Seriously?! I'm a product of the 80's, I know the meaning of Wax on/Wax Off, I actually still want to take Karate, Ferris Bueller was my idol "OH YEAH..." , I can admit that my hair became something which can only be described by the phrase "I was experimenting", I felt that the Commodore 64 was a revolution with it's 16 colors, Michael Jordan was required to feature on ALL clothing, Michael Jackson was considered cool and children's shows like ThunderCats, Grange Hill, Dungeons & Dragons, Round the Twist, The Raccoons, Gummi Bears and The Moomins provided the building blocks for my education.

Today has finally arrived and the celebrations started just before midnight when the house was covered in string, popcorn and vodka. I have set the precedent for greeting cards now, my partner presented a card that made me ha-pea with a thought provoking and personal message. The gifts were impressive and both relevant and related to the many adventures that we have accumulated to become the story of us! I definitely need to learn how to play the guitar now after receiving one as a present from her. We relaxed for the duration but with packing and the Chevrolet Spark Unscheduled Tour this evening we need to make movement. The Chevrolet Spark Unscheduled Tour Launch features the Mystery Jets at the Vinyl Factory, Soho. Chevrolet has also teamed up with a hand-picked selection of the hottest independent, musical, creative and design talents of the moment to drive a buzz around the launch in London. Jack Penate, Bullion, MEROK Records and Nick Grimshaw will all be doing DJ sets on the car DJ booth. Can't wait, tonight should be a memorable occasion!!

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