Thursday, April 29, 2010

Through The Gears

john moores universityImage by sego via Flickr
A family member or someone who is only a friend can't act as a reference for a university application. I'm not currently studying, and I haven't left recently so I had to ask someone who would be able to talk professionally about my application and potential. I decided to ask the managing director of my previous employment and he obliged promptly and with an amazing reference as well which I hope will be well received. I had an interesting day today, I felt like I participated in a Eurovision song contest although I wasn't the main attraction. I was just required to sweep around the edges and provide the occasional moves. That said, I was reminded of Pineapple Dance Studios when I walked into Sugar Hut, Fulham this afternoon. I need to practise the moves in my repertoire, especially with Prom approaching in the next few months. This year will begin the process of experiencing everything that I should have already experienced. I can't wait for the adventures to begin...

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