Sunday, April 25, 2010

Well How's Your View Of Things Today?

quiet I'm thinkingImage by Grant MacDonald via Flickr
I have previously acknowledge the benefits of having an organized space; productivity, relevance, less clutter, increased attention, engagement and more control. I have spent the weekend writing down a list with several options that I was considering for the future. I often browse through the archives of this blog when attempting to write, I believe that at times I think too much but it helps me to focus on what's important. I realised last year that I wasn't satisfied, I didn't want to concentrate on negativity as that made my life feel unbalanced. I removed the negative influences and feel that I have become harder, better, faster, stronger! Newcastle changed everything, I met someone with determination, drive and ambition but that weekend also opened my eyes to a world that fascinated and intrigued me. The opportunity to be a student, gain the experience and education that will be a necessary part of my future and allow me to enjoy life.

It's obvious that I'm fond of my partner with many describing us as inseparable, I have only been with her a few months but we have shared many experiences! The end of a decade, milestone birthdays, and the many nights that at times I don't remember but they're shared with the person that I will never forget! She will attend Liverpool's John Moores University in September and although I want to be there I acknowledge that this is her opportunity. I also have the children to consider although recently I feel that circumstances have made the decision easier. I rarely see them now, a difficult situation accompanied with an influential age but it still hurts when they decide not to visit. They may not need me now but I know they will in the future, if I complete a degree then I should be in a better position to support them. I'll be able to visit regularly from university as I will be home frequently during the holidays. Biffy Clyro were the inspiration behind the title, the lyric is from Bubbles the fourth single from 'Only Revolutions'. The song speaks about chasing round 'bubbles' and trying to pop them all the time. I don't want this bubble to burst, although I expect there will be many obstacles to contend before I reach the final decision!

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